30 July 2010

Pastebin Dumpster Diving

Many people like the idea behind the popular service Pastebin and the convenience offered on the spot with a couple of mouse clicks, nevertheless even more neglect the fact that any stored information will be publicly available for anyone.

As such, being a regular visitor of Pasterbin I tempt on clicking and viewing the recent posts made by other users and quite often I come across password dumps, lists of email addresses, lists of usernames, database connectivity parameters, internal IP addresses, device configuration files, online conversations, rapidshare links, private FTP/Web servers, and many many more...

So a simple way we could automate the process of visiting Pastebin and download all new posts for a closer lookup at a later time is using the following bash command:

for hash in `curl http://pastebin.com/ | grep clb_top | awk -F "\"" {'print $4'} | awk -F "\/" {'print $4'}`;do wget http://www.pastebin.com/download.php?i=$hash;done

The above can also be saved in a bash script and with the help of cron we could say call it every 1 minute from our home server, during an 8 hour period we will download maximum 3840 files (8 posts/per minute times 8 hours * 60 minutes = 3840 files)

Then, easily using grep we can scan those files for keywords (pass, user, email, @, mysql, connect, ssh, botnet etc) and who knows we might spot something interesting ;)

29 June 2010

Ubuntu 10.0.4 - Verify Installation Configuration 800%

Anyone else noticed that progress bar label goes over 100%?

10 June 2010

GoToGoogle - HTTPS

As Google recently enabled SSL on their search engine, allowing users to access https://www.google.com/ instead of the standard Google search domain, we altered our simple plugin so to open that one; you can get it from here.

2 April 2010

No GUI Firefox Keylogger

To download please see http://www.intelcomms.net/intelcomms.net/code.php

This plugin is based completely on the Key-logger plugin v1.1 written by arrumi.

What makes this version different is that all GUI items have been removed. The only way to view the captured keystrokes is by accessing the "extensions.integrator.logpref" key in "about:config" as seen in the image.