29 November 2011

Bootless USB to SATA Controller

Last week I bought a 1T USB portable Verbatim case with model#: 53039 and serial#: RP211X102347. The plastic USB case houses a Toshiba hard disk and a USB to SATA controller with serial#: 200514081421.

To my surprise I realised that I was not able to boot my macbook from this external USB disk after installing OS X Lion onto. After several attempts with other working bootable images on different machines, I ended up taking apart the housing and mounting the enclosed Toshiba disk onto my portable SATA to USB Konig adapter kit. This time everything worked perfectly:)

It's was the first time I bought a Verbatim product for a long time now, last time must have been since the end of life of 3,5'' floppy disks and the 100MB ZIP floppies for Iomega drives; I should have stuck with WD or LaCie that do come with decent USB connector to SATA connectors.

26 June 2011

23025 Minutes

After upgrading MacOSX to 10.6.4 iCal's alarm has added two very useful interval reminder options:

  1. "Play sound Basso 23025 minutes after", and
  2. "Play sound Basso 1425 minutes after
23025 / 60 / 24 = 383.75 / 24 = 15.989 days
and 1425 / 60 / 24 = 23.75 / 24 = 0.989 days

Have noticed this for a long time as others...but anyway, here is a screenshot.

13 June 2011

Exploits "we will pay for it"

Q: Do you have a 0-day exploit, please send it to me
A: Sure mate